Carry Your Memories

East and Market welcomes custom orders that allow you to Carry Your Memories With You.

Do have a favorite keepsake that you would like upcycled?

For example: your favorite team teeshirt or an article of clothing from your little one that gives you fond memories every time you look at it, or your great grandmothers favorite tablecloth ... the list of things that can be upcycled  and made new again are endless and we are here to bring that sentimental item new life!

Contact us and we will get started on you giving the opportunity to Carry Your Memories With You!


Custom orders include purses and handbags that are made entirely from a sentimental fabric or sometimes the sentimental fabric is hidden inside the purse as the lining. 

We have made shirts and sweaters into accent pillows. We have constructed blankets out of shirts and baby onesies. 

If you have an idea send us an email at or use our contact page to message us! We cannot wait to work with you! 

Don't forget to check out the Blog and social media to see past projects!



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