Custom Sweater Pillow

$ 42.00

Do you have a favorite sweater or tee that has been sitting in your closet for forever that you can't bear to get rid of because it's your favorite!!! However, you can't wear it because you either shrunk it, stained it, wore it to the threads, it's out of style...etc etc.. the list can go on and on!
I can work with you to upcycle that top into an amazing accent pillow!

Please add a note after purchase of what material you have chose and you will receive a sending address. Please send clean, washed materials.

*Please note that the above picture is an example of a pillow cover made from an upcycled sweater. It is not a product for sale

Pricing starts at $42 and may vary depending on sizing and closure.

Have questions or are you a little unsure of your ready to transform your beloved top???Message us to get started on your new favorite pillow that already is full of memories!


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