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Hi! Im Renee, owner and founder of East & Market Inc!

Wife, mom of 2 little ones, Maker and Occupational Therapist! I have my BFA in Crafts and a Masters of Occupational Therapy. Ever since High School I have loved creating! I went to college for metalsmithing but these days my passion is sewing! These days I focus on creating new styles using sustainable methods. I am very interested on how my making impacts the environment and I love exploring methods to decrease the negative impact I have on the environment. This forces me to be creative and think outside the box.


East and Market’s mission is to create small batch items using sustainable methods.

Often you will find one of a kind pieces available because I use cut-offs, upcycled , repurposed and/or secondhand materials which are in limited supply. You also may notice that I have similar products that differ slightly in size and shape. This is because I strive to sew with minimal to zero waste. A way in which to do this is to use cut-offs to create bags.


I want my product to be durable and last a long time. I want the buyer to have a commitment to my bags, which is why I encourage the buyer to send me materials they own so I can upcycle it into their bag, creating a stronger bond with the bag.


The first thing I ever sewed was my wedding dress and since then sewing has become such an important part of my life! When I first started sewing I had SO MUCH waste! I would buy yards of fabric and use a fraction of it. I didn't try to cut the fabric to best use every piece.

Thinking  back on my wastefulness and thoughtlessness makes my focus on sustainability even more of a driving factor to try my best to create with minimal to no waste, reuse leftover materials, and upcycle when I can!

Part of how I upcycle is creating handmade items from sentimental fabrics (pillows, bags, blankets, you name it!)
I see this as a way to carry your fondest memories everywhere you go!! Contact me directly if you are interested in a custom order using special clothing/tableclothes/curtains etc that you have in your home!

Big and exciting plans are in the future for East & Market and we are so excited that you have decided to be part of the experience!!!!

Please follow East and Market on social media. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Twitter, and Pintrest!

I’d love to hear feedback from you! I want to make East and Market more accessable and I am always looking to improve! Contact us at info@eastandmarket.com! I will try my best to answer you in a timely fashion (more so if you are in the east coast time zone!)

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your support!


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