Mommy Gift Idea Using Upcycled Materials

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If you are like me, when it comes to gift giving you are ALWAYS searching for truly unique and special gifts. 

This is a way in which I came to my up cycling revelation!!! I wanted to make things that were one of a kind and memorable for my family and friends.... and when I can make it a surprise...well that makes me sooo excited!

One surprise gift I came up with was for a special  friend of mine that is a mother of three. I wanted to make her something that made her feel stylish and pretty when she was out on the town but also made her feel connected to her three cuties.

My plan was put in action when I asked her husband to sneak me three of her kids shirts.

 What made it even better was that  her husband picked out 3 shirts that couldn't have been funnier together!

I decided to create a textile using leather (which I buy as scraps from a company that sells their cut-offs) and gorgeous fabric my friend got a trip to Africa years and years ago (she gifted it to me after finding it in her closet and having no use for it).





Then it was time to deconstruct the shirts and start piecing them together!

And Viola!!!!

I LOVE how it looks like the dino is eating the cupcakes!!

Mommy Surprise Gift = Success!!!!

Contact me if you have some great clothing or material you would like made into something special!

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