Relics of the Past

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There is something sacred and beautiful about acquiring a loved ones relics after they have passed.

The items serve as a mirror into the past, into a life lived. It holds a past that may include personal memories of your loved one ... or maybe only illusions of adventures that could have been had.

A beautiful client of mine contacted me after her family just completed the cleaning out of her grandmother's items years after she passed. She knew that she could not part with her Grandmother's things but the thought of just having them to store in a closet didn't seem fitting.

I was asked to make clutches out of her jackets and dress to give as gifts to the women in her family...And of course I couldn't wait to brainstorm about what I could do!


Each piece had a different aesthetic so I had to really think of how I could incorporate them into unique and individual clutches.

I knew right away that I wanted one aspect to be the same in each piece. I decided that each interior lining would have one of Grandma's buttons sewn in.

From there I deconstructed the clothing and started to piece them back together.

I tried mixing and matching to create a variety of textiles and styles.

I used aspects of the collars, trim, and pockets and did my best to create textiles that worked together to unite to celebrate the Matriarch of this family.



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