Sentimental Sweater Pillow

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One of my favorite things to do is to create new things from repurposed materials. I love seeing the item transform into something new, and I am very interesting in finding ways to reduce waste in my studio. If I can use an item from my closet that I no longer wear to create something new and USABLE, I find that I have more connection to that piece. I become invested in using it. Through this process I have made many pieces for customers using materials that are special to them to create something that they can treasure for years to come. 

When one of my wonderful customers contacted me about her late grandfather's favorite sweater I was more than excited to transform it into a pillow that she can enjoy everyday. As it stood when she contacted me, the sweater was in a drawer and she loved it so much (from afar), she really wanted to think of a way to bring it into her everyday life. We discussed how a pillow could be a great thing to  make from it because that would be a way for her to be able to hug it and be close to it (without getting weird looks from her hubby)! Haha

My first step was to disassemble the sweater. I really wanted to try to use as much of it as I could in the pillow.

I decided to use the original zipper to make it a removable pillow cover.

During my disassembly I decided that I didn't want to remove the pockets just yet. As I thought about it, I realized that when I wear sweaters they MUST have pockets. I load my pockets with all kinds of things and I imagined that he may have too. I decided to incorporate the pockets into the pillow.

After the pillow was complete I had plenty of extra material from the sweater. I decided to make a simple zipper pouch and a pair of hand warmers.


I was practically bursting as I completed this project!

Sending packages like this makes my heart happy and makes me excited to be a maker.

If you have items that you would like upcycled, you can contact me and we can begin collaborating!!


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