Carry Your Memories with an Upcycled Onsie Bag

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As a mom whose babies are all of a sudden no longer babies , but suddenly living the toddler lives, I really realize how precious each and every second is.  I also find myself treasuring the little clothes (because they will never be this little again ...haha ill wipe away my mom tears now).

So when a mamma asked me to create a custom order with her daughters onsie for HER Mother I am only too too happy to agree.

This onsie was a gift from the babies grandmother who asked that one day she could have it back.. she just never realized it would be gifted back to her in an unexpected way!

I began to deconstruct the onsie..aren't these little farm animals too cute! They reminded me of Charlotte's Web. 

I decided to make a pocket out of the sleeves and added a little snap closure to the pocket with the bottom of the onsie.

Then I decided to make my own textile for the exterior of this project.

II love that you can look at the exterior and have no idea of the preciousness inside!

When the project was completed this was all that was left of the onsie, every other precious piece was used for the interior of this zipper pouch.

Now this grandmother can carry the memory of her granddaughter with her for years to come!


If you have old baby clothes from your little onesies that you would like transformed into an awesome bag or blanket contact me to get started on your next custom order!


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