Memories From Long Ago Are Alive and Well


This beautiful scarf has such a rich history. It was a gift between two friends, 45 years ago. The woman who received this gift has cherished it. It's a symbol of love and friendship and she has taken it with her throughout her years. When her daughter encouraged her to clean out her drawers and came across this beloved scarf she secretly sent it to me without her mother knowing.

We conspired to make it a usable piece so she can enjoy it in her day to day life.

I created a new textile using the scarf.

My thought was that this would make a beautiful zipper pouch. That way it could be used to hold everyday items or because its created with such a significant piece of fabric it could also be used to hold sentimental treasures. 


I wanted to try to use as much of the scarf as possible so I made the scarf the lining of the bag as well. 


I am so honored to be able to be a part of this beautiful relic in my small way.

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