Upcycled Bachelorette Dress

When I got a custom order to repurpose a dress that was used for a Bachelorette Party I was immediately excited. I knew this dress meant a lot of my customer, it was celebrating a new milestone in her life. What better way to remember the past and celebrate the present than to bring those awesome memories she had wearing the dress into her present day!

She also asked if I could incorporate this necklace into the clutch.



I gathered my tools and got to work!

I started by removing the zipper, I had originally planned to work this into the design.

But as it turned out my original plan changed as I made it..thats why I love making! Im free to be flexible and change my mind!!



I I fell in love with this color!! Look at those sweet buttons!

I took apart the necklace and decided to use only the chain and 3 of the small pendant pieces.

I attached the pendant pieces together and made a brooch so my client could attach it to the front..or not! Her choice. She now also has a cool brooch to wear on her favorite jacket!

I just love when a piece starts to take its final shape!

Detail of the inside!

With the Brooch

And without!!! 

I truly enjoyed this custom order! It was fun to make and very special knowing the significance of the dress. #carryyourmemorieswithyou


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