Carry Your Memories With You

East and Market loves up cycling for so many reduces waste, the material has history and a story, it creates a one of a kind item...but I feel the most important pieces I have up cycled have been material that is significant to my life, materials that make me feel sentimental. I wanted to share my most recent project using a shirt my youngest son received as a hand-me-down from his cousin and recently grew out of. (double recycled there)

I had my son wearing this shirt ALL summer because I loved it (he probably could have cared less). Needless to say, I was really sad when we put it on the other day and I knew it would be its last wear.

I actually didn't think I would have felt so attached to a piece of my kids clothing..up until this point I haven't saved all that much of their outgrown clothes and have been quick to send it along the hand-me-down trail. 

So whats a momma bear to do?! Upcycle of course!

But first, you must see the cuteness that started all of this!


So I got to work.When I began sewing I was actually was going to make a fancy clutch design and midway through changed my mind because I wanted a more casual wallet-like style that I could use everyday.

Duh-du...duh-du...duh-du.....(thats me doing my jaws impression)

And just like that, I can carry my memory of my son wearing this shirt around with me forever (well forever in a wallet sense that is)!

I just love how the shark is so comical hanging out in my wallet!

And any wallet or clutch with a hand strap is A-ok in my book!

Do you have a keepsake piece of material hanging around? How would you like to carry your memory of that item with you throughout your day, your life?!

East and Market offers custom orders using sentimental materials! Message us if you are interested in turning a special piece into a carriable memory!

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