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Do you have an awesome piece of clothing that you have loved so much! It was the item in your closet that made you feel great and beautiful, it was your "go-to" for any occasion and you wore it until you just couldn't wear it anymore because either you wore it to the threads, you shrunk it, snagged it, spilled something on it...the list can go on and on... Anyway, it's still hanging in your closet because you can't bear to part with it. Sound familiar?? Yes, Im guilty of this too (many times over!). 

And because of that, I'm looking for ways to upcycle these pieces. 

For example, here is a sweater my husband wore, loved, then shrunk shortly after buying it..... this was AT LEAST 4 years ago!!!  When I showed it to him he didn't even recognize that it was his  (...but that's fast fashion for ya!).

So instead of sending this sad shrunken sweater to the Goodwill to be worn (or not) again, I got to work!

I started by taking it apart, cutting it down

Deciding what this old sweater wants to be in its new life

And after a little contemplation, I decided that a pillow is its destiny! Its soft wool, comfy, no holes..perfect for a pillow!

 I sewed a zipper in to allow for removal and washing when needed, because with 2 little ones, sometimes spot cleaning doesn't do the trick!And just like that, I have created something that I can use everyday, it serves as an accent to my home and my life!

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