Restoration, A Key to Sustainability

These days I try to find any way possible to reuse old items or jazz them up a bit instead of buying new. 

I am so fortunate to be able to have a brand new space to work in.  And when presented with this amazing space, I really had to carefully consider what items I was going to use to fill the space thoughtfully.


So when I was gifted this amazing handmade tool chest (made by my great grandfather, Asa) I knew I just had to use it in the new sewing studio. Now, I know nothing about restoration, so I enlisted some help from my hubby and got started!


I first made the mistake of thinking i could easily sand the surface to remove the paint....WRONG!!!

 Not only did this take forever (about 2 hours just to get 75% of the top) but it also was taking down the surface unevenly! So my wonderful husband went to the store to pick me up the goods (aka citrus strip, brushes, mineral spirits etc etc) I needed to get the job done. 

With the right tools I cleaned the surfaces like no one's business!!!!!


And what I found underneath was so cool! It looks like he used various scraps to piece together the tool box. Each shelf was different!



My original plan was to paint it white, but when I saw the wood underneath I fell in love and just stuck with a clear coat. I love all of the inconsistencies and imperfections in the wood. I love that my great grandfather made this piece by hand and that I had the opportunity to work on it as well, just years and years and years later!

I don't think I could be happier or more in love with this piece than I already am!

Side note: Because I found resurfacing so fun, no furniture in my house is safe!!! haha.. Im already eyeing up my cutting table!!!!

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