East and Market's Revive Program: Saving waste from the cutting room floor

Posted by Renee Jones on

Today I am working on East and Market’s Revive program! I had some oddly shaped fabric left over on my cutting room floor from a Kimono I made for a a wonderful friend of mine.  I cut the leftover fabric into rectangles.

Then I cut the rectangles into strips.

From here I took two of the strips and secured them.

Then I twisted them each tightly.

After this, I then twisted the two sides together, but made sure I worked in the opposite direction from the direction each individual piece was twisted to ensure the rope didn't unravel. 


And in the end I have made these beauties, which will live on..not on the cutting room floor or sent to the landfill... but to be something that can be repurposed and cherished! Stay Tuned to find out how these little ropes will be transformed into something new and beautiful!

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